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Luke P. Isn't The Only Person Manipulating Hannah on The Bachelorette

Yup, looking at you Jed

Jed Wyatt looks surprised at Hannah during an episode of The Bachelorette

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On the very first night of The Bachelorette, it was revealed that—gasp—one of the contestants wasn’t on the show “for the right reasons.” In a highly-produced stunt, Demi and Katie drove up to the mansion in a (terrifying) white van, determined to catch Scott, who had been cast in the show despite having a girlfriend. Hannah famously kicked him to the curb that same night—but if having a girlfriend is a deal breaker, Hannah should’ve made one more cut.

On June 18, People reported that musician and Bachelorette frontrunner Jed Wyatt was in a relationship when he joined the show—after which point, he attempted to ghost her. Haley Stevens, who is also a Nashville-based musician, told People she had been dating Jed for four months when he left for filming. According to his now-ex, Jed was clear that he was going on the show only to boost his career (a motive that he raised with Hannah during their 1-on-1 date). “He told me [the show] was just an obstacle and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it,” she told People, also sharing a love note Jed allegedly wrote to her as well as pics from their vacation to the Bahamas. (She has since done several interviews speaking about their alleged pre-Bachelorette relationship.)

And the scandalous news doesn’t stop there. On June 27, more allegations against Jed surfaces after Reality Steve breaks the news that he even cheated on girlfriend Hayley. During his podcast, Reality Steve spoke with Hayley revealed that Jed had also cheated on her a mere 10 days before they vacationed together in the Bahamas (and Reality Steve has the receipts to prove it.) When asked about the possibility of getting back with Jed, Hayley (rightfully) said “No, nope. Irreparable damage.”

I’ll admit, before these details came out, I was rooting for Jed, simply because it was refreshing to see a contestant acknowledge that “finding love” isn’t the real reason most people apply to be part of Bachelor Nation. But now? I’m seeing some similarities between him and this season’s villain, Luke P.

GIF of Luke P in The Bachelorette saying "Hold on, hold on, what?"

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Lately, The Bachelorette has basically been the Luke P. show, focussing more on the CrossFit enthusiast’s problematic behaviour and the other contestants’ growing disdain for him, rather than Hannah or her feelings.

“He’s just not real. I just never feel like it’s ever been real,” Jed said after Luke P. received a rose (yet again) at the end of episode seven. “Quite frankly I’m pretty pissed with the whole thing.”

K, legit. Agreed. But ALSO, I could say the same about you, dude.

“It’s just funny to watch Jed because it’s just like he’s regurgitating lines that we kinda heard him say to Hayley [via] text. He’s kinda just rephrasing it and saying the same stuff to Hannah,” says Bachelor Nation insider Reality Steve. During episode seven, the blogger tweeted about the lines Jed was using to win Hannah over—and joked that they sounded real similar to those in the letter Jed allegedly wrote to Stevens right before The Bachelorette began.

At first, Jed gave audiences—and Hannah—the impression that he was potentially the realest contestant we’ve seen in a long time, owning up about his intention to use the show as a platform for his singing career. Since that confession, he’s apparently been given the green light to turn The Bachelorette into his own personal musical. (Seriously, episode seven included THREE musical performances from this guy and when he went off with Hannah for their 1-on-1 in episode eight, the other contestants joked about whether or not he was going to bring his guitar.) But more frustrating than watching Jed lean into his 15 minutes of fame is watching him lie to Hannah. Given the recent news, nothing about this guy feels genuine. Every time he serenades Hannah, or reiterates that he’s falling in love with her, it now warrants a “K cool, but what about your girlfriend tho?” As Refinery29 noted, watching Jed repeatedly lie to Hannah—often set to the tune of his acoustic guitar—feels sketchy AF.

Especially since, as Reality Steve, notes, in episode one after sending Scott packing, Hannah asked the remaining men if any of them had girlfriends. Jed said nothing. “I just don’t think cheaters ever think they’re getting caught,” says Reality Steve.

The Bachelorette has been putting a spotlight on Luke P.’s attempted manipulation of Hannah for weeks, but now that Jed’s questionable intentions are coming to light offscreen, it’s clear that his actions are no better. “It’s just hard to buy anything he’s selling right now,” says Reality Steve.

And yet, while Jed should’ve gotten the same first-night treatment as Scott, he seems to be getting the same treatment as Garrett from Becca Kufrin’s season. In case you’ve scrubbed your brain of that endlessly lukewarm romance, here’s what happened: As Becca’s season of The Bachelorette unfolded, it became clear that Garrett was a frontrunner on the show—except that IRL, Bach Nation quickly discovered that based on his social media history, he seemed to “like” a lot of racist and xenophobic views. As fans began to turn on the man who had earned Becca’s First Impression rose and was clearly a frontrunner for the season, Becca defended Garrett, asking viewers to be “open to everyone,” knowing that the world was about to find out that they were engaged.

According to Reality Steve, we likely won’t hear from Jed until After the Final Rose and if Hannah was going to address it, she likely would’ve spoken out by now. “It just doesn’t seem like this is something they’ll let the lead address,” he says, adding that there is still the possibility that Jed will bring it up on the show itself.

The Bachelorette Season 15 is still unfolding, but it’s clear based on the amount of Jed’s screen time, the rumours about what *really* happened in that windmill in Amsterdam plus the uplifting background music we hear every time he and Hannah are together, the musician from Nashville is going to be around for a while. And yes, his behaviour is not outwardly as terrifying as Luke P., but that doesn’t make it feel less manipulative. He’s made it clear that he’s using The Bachelorette and the Bachelorette to promote his music—and as Reality Steve points out, that platform only gets bigger if he ends up with Hannah.

With the layers of lies on lies, at this point, I’m no longer just rooting for Hannah to find love. I hoping she finds out the truth.

The Bachelorette Hannah chugs a glass of champagne

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