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There's More to The Bachelorette's Mike J. Than His Solid Dance Moves

The video of him and his great-grandma will make you weep

Mike J from the bachelorette wearing a mustard coloured shirt and smiling.

(Photo: ABC)

Mike J., a.k.a. Mike Johnson, is more than just the booty-shaking bombshell we saw on stage at the Mr. Right show. This bachelor is *exactly* what we needed to see on The Bachelorette with his brutal honesty and zero tolerance for anyone’s bullsh-t. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Luke P.) On more than one occasion, Mike proved isn’t afraid to tell Hannah when any of the guys aren’t “here for right reasons.”

Mike J. is also quickly becoming a fan fave and there are hopes of him being the first Black Bachelor (according to new Bach Nation fan Demi Lovato, he’s her pick, too). His growing fanbase is no surprise given that Mike J. appears to be genuine, loyal and fair. After episode four‘s rugby game that put his teammate, Luke S. in conflict against Luke P., Mike J. wasn’t shy about raising some red flags about Luke P. to Hannah. Better yet, he also told his concerns to Luke P. directly. Go, Mike!

But behind his charming smile and classy clothes, Mike J. has a lot to offer. Here’s hoping Hannah sees it, too. Here’s what else we know about the 31-year-old portfolio manager from San Antonio, Texas:

Air Force vet who travels the world

According the his ABC bio, Mike J. worked as an Air Force vet and has even travelled to 30 different countries. Though he’s been all over the world, one place he can always come back to is his great-grandmother’s home (the video of his return home will seriously have you weeping). Hannah has said that she loves a man in a uniform, so hopefully that’ll bode well for Mike J. and we’ll watch Hannah meet his great-grandmother during hometowns.

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Oldie but goodie…just a quick 60sec snippet

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He gets creative with his fitness routine

Mike J. isn’t your average athlete/Cross-Fit enthusiast like other gym-goers on the show. He finds his exercise in *creative* ways. Mike J. loves Krav Maga, a brutal practice originally created for Israeli Forces that is now taught as a self-defence technique.

But Mike J. doesn’t just train hardcore, he also has fun with his physical activity. He loves trampolining and wants to learn how to parkour. We can just imagine him bouncing around like Spiderman from one inflatable wall to another.

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ALL DAY lol….prolly why my back be killin me now

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He has some serious class with a side of sass

Mike J. photographs so unreasonably well that it’s surprising he doesn’t model for a living. From his picture-perfect face (with a hint of smug sexiness) to his styled suits, Mike J. knows how to strut what he’s got. He says that he’s a city boy and has a lot of swag, and it shows.

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Be yourself, I love you like that

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Loves his special women

We love a family man and Mike J. shows no shortage of love for the special women in his life. Based on his IG, his grandma, mom and sister bring the brightest smile to his face when they’re together—and we can just hope that Hannah will be the next woman to have his heart.

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#family #grandma I love this pic of us!

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Fans want him to be the next Bachelor

If Hannah doesn’t choose him, Mike J. would be a great Bachelor—and would also make history as the franchise’s first-ever Black Bachelor. Fans are rooting to see more of him next season if he doesn’t make it with Hannah (and frankly, we are too!).

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