The Bachelorette's Grant E. Considers Himself "The Dude" IRL

Everything you need to know about Grant E.

The Bachelorette's Grant E smiling and wearing a plain white t-shirt.

(Photo: ABC)

Going on a show like The Bachelorette must be daunting to say the least. With a first round of 30 bachelors to begin with, it’s all about egos and BDE, especially when you have a room full of guys in finance, sales and real estate. But based on our internet sleuthing, it looks like one of Hannah’s suitors, Grant E., isn’t bringing much to the table.

To be fair, Grant E., a.k.a. Grant Eckel, is probably on the show for sh-ts and giggles. Seriously, he’s an unemployed 30-year-old from California who seems to literally have nothing better to do. According to his ABC profile, he enjoys PDA, has great dance moves and “no interest in hearing about your CrossFit workout plan or recent Instagram post.” We get it, Grant, you don’t care about anything. Maybe try telling us what you do care about? He also says that he’s “hoping his blunt realness stands out to Hannah.” That sounds a whole lot like code for being a total dweeb, but we shall see.

Here’s what else we know about Grant E.

He’s a real life version of “The Dude”

Grant promotes himself in his official bio as the real-life “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski, a middle-aged bowling slacker who basically gets caught up in a case of mistaken identity. He’s a robe-wearing, White-Russian-drinking mess who tries to breeze through life. All you really need to know is that “The Dude” (played brilliantly by Jeff Bridges btw) is probably not someone you want to emulate. Maybe Grant E. also mistakenly found himself on the show and now he’s just winging it.

The Dude from The Big Lebowski gif.

He’s scared of snakes

TBH, same. The one thing I agree with Grant E. about is that Anaconda has permanently traumatized me about all things snakes. In a deleted scene, Grant E. confronts his assigned animal model from Episode 3’s photoshoot. “I’m going to have a meltdown,” he says as he asks other people to do a switcheroo with him. Still, I applaud him for riding out this competition.

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He’s a fan of FLOTUS Melania Trump

Grant E.’s taste in women might be older models who also happen to be President Trump’s wife, Melania Trump. In his “liked” tweets, you can see that Grant E. is fond of the FLOTUS.

Saturdays are “for the boys” but maybe they shouldn’t be

Grant E. posts a lot of pics. And a high percentage of them are ones with the boys. We’re all for guys being guys (sometimes), but this bachelor’s Instagram is filled with dudes, drinks and occasionally other women. If this is any indicator of life with Grant E., Hannah better get used to boys’ night every night.

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He has it out for his younger competition

On his bio, Grant E. “has a hard time believing that any “young guy” who comes on The Bachelorette is “here for the right reasons,”  and he plans to call them out on it. Is he saying 20-somethings shouldn’t be on the show? Grant E., have you watched any of the previous seasons?

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