The Bachelorette's Garrett P. is getting attention for all the wrong reasons

Everything you need to know about contestant Garrett P. and what makes him super problematic

The Bachelorette's Garret P wearing a print shirt and smiling at the camera.

(Photo: ABC)

The Bachelorette is in full swing this season as Hannah B. searches for true love, and contestant Garrett P. hasn’t even had much screen time so far, but he’s still stirring buzz—for all the wrong reasons.  Garrett P., aka Garrett Powell, is a 27-year-old from Alabama who is drawing more scrutiny for his conservative political views than his pouffy head of hair or waxed chest.

Let’s just say Garrett P.’s internet activity serves as a cautionary tale as old as time (that is, as old as social media). By now, we know that *everything* we do online stays there forever. We see celebs being outed for racist, homophobic, and other inappropriate online behaviours on a regular need-to-know basis. While Garrett P. is no celeb, The Bachelorette fans know how to do their homework.

When you double-tap on IG you’re basically saying you actually “like” the content. Right? Well, Garrett P. either didn’t get the memo or he’s been pretty open about his intolerant views on things.

In an article on Betches, some screen grabs show just what Garrett P. supports and it’s pretty hard to swallow. In one Instagram meme, there is a list of statements with checkmarks beside them indicating their “correctness.” Some points include “There are only two genders,” “Guns don’t kill people…people do,” and “Donald Trump is a VERY GOOD president.”

Besides some sketchy activity on IG, he also makes some pretty bold and problematic statements all on his own. In a 2015 tweet, Garrett P. says, “Whites, blacks, greens, blues, reds are all in prison because they cannot do the right thing NOT b/c of any sort of racism or prejudice,” which is disturbingly blind to the overwhelming systemic racism problem in U.S. prisons. Sorry, Garrett P., we’re not letting that go and we don’t believe Hannah wants to see that kind of *bold* opening from the men hoping to win her over.

Asides from his hella concerning political views, here’s what else we learned about the man with the Johnny Bravo hair.

‘Golf pro’…not a pro at golf

Garrett P. is a golf pro at Alabama’s Shoal Creek Country Club. NOT to be confused with being a professional golf player. Basically, he makes money for playing and teaching golf at fancy country clubs. According to his Facebook profile, Garrett P. studied professional golf management at Mississippi State University. It’s safe to say his life revolves around golf and we’re not so sure most women see that has a hole-in-one.

Devout Christian

Garrett P. isn’t the only religious contestant on the show, but his strong faith might work in favour of his connection with Hannah. He was baptized in 2016, and he captioned the IG video with a verse from Peter 3:24, “And this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you also- not the removal of dirt from the body but the pledge of a clear conscience toward God. It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Garrett P. also follows some biblical accounts on Twitter, and occasionally re-tweets Christian messages. For instance, he re-tweeted @HoodJesusYo: “Jesus knows what He’s doing. Be just as thankful for the closed doors as you are for the open ones. His plan > yours.” We wonder if Garrett P. believes that “His plan” has Hannah in it.

A family man

One thing this bachelor seems to do as much as playing golf is spending quality time with his family. Garrett P.’s parents and two siblings, a brother and sister, appear to hang out a lot, from celebrating Easter at church to casual backyard gatherings.

Dangerous bad boy

Okay, bad boy may be a stretch, but he does take some risks in the name of love. Garrett P. once snuck his girlfriend into the Mississippi State’s football stadium for a make-out sesh on the 50-yard line. We know Hannah loves her football so maybe they’ll share their own moment on the field before the season’s over.

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