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Breaking: Bachelor Nation Is Officially Over Clare Crawley

What's got everyone *so* wound up? Let's investigate

Bachelor Winter Games Clare Crawley smiles for a picture in a black, white and pink dress

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Clare Crawley has not been the most popular person on social media since her return to Bachelor Nation. She’s currently taking her fourth stab at landing that final rose with The Bachelor Winter Games, and she has a history of ruffling the feathers of fellow contestants and fans. In her stints on the reality-TV franchise, she’s been dragged for everything from stirring up drama on the show to her age (newsflash: she’s only 36 now, the same age as Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Nick Viall, but has been deemed “too old” since her first go-round on Juan Pablo Galavis’s season in 2014).

And her most recent stint in Bachelor Nation is no different. Clare is rubbing viewers the wrong way yet again on The Bachelor Winter Games and this time it has nothing to do with her age.

So, what’s got everyone so wound up about good ol’ Clare Crawley this time? Let’s investigate.

Fourth time’s the charm

The Bachelor Winter Games is Clare’s fourth appearance on a Bachelor franchise—she has previously appeared on Season 18 of The Bachelor, and the first *and* second seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. After her last venture into the world of reality romance—she was dumped by then 26-year-old Jared Haibon on BIP Season 2 after he discovered that she was 33—Clare failed to create a connection with any other man on the show and announced her retirement from the series completely. Psyche! Enter Winter Games. According to Clare, she decided to retire from Bachelor Nation before Bachelor Winter Games ever existed, and guys, she’s super serious about finding love this time (and also about competitive sports, it seems).

Past promises aside, we have to admit we’re a little choked that Clare broke the heart of our Canadian maple-glazed doughnut Benoit Beausejour-Savard, leading to his decision to leave the show last Thursday. Twitter users seem to agree and many went after Clare for leading on the Québécois contestant while also pining for German heartthrob (and legit Juan Pablo lookalike), Christian Rauch. But this is Bachelor Nation, after all, which means dating multiple people while you figure out who you like the most is kinda the point, right? Well, fans don’t seem to think that way.

Is she on Winter Games for the right reasons?

We def aren’t saying she should settle for just anyone, but Clare’s Winter Games flip-flopping has made some fans question her motives. Apparently, people suspect she’s stirring up dramz on the show for fame instead of making love a priority.

Her big argument with Christian

After Clare bailed on a Jacuzzi date with Christian when the ’cuzzi was too full, a v. confusing and v. petty argument ensued. When Christian didn’t “pursue her” after he realized she wasn’t in the Jacuzzi or the kitchen (instead, she was in the bathtub with fellow contestant Lesley Murphy), Clare questioned his “manhood.” Yikes. Not really the best way to start off a potential relationship.

What are you doing, girl?

Many fans fell in love with Benoit’s sweet nature and thought he was a perfect match for the unlucky-in-love Clare. Surely after all those failed romances with possible bad dudes (*cough* Juan Pablo *cough*) a nice guy is what she needs, right? So it’s pretty understandable that Bachelor fans are frustrated. After all, she says said wanted to find a man “worthy to waste her breath on,” but then drove away Christian, the first guy who was genuinely into her—and only her—from the beginning, just to stand him up on their date afterwards!? Girl, what?

Clare admitted in her confessionals throughout the show that she’s enjoying the attention, but it can also hurt people who are seriously in the game for the right reasons (again, COME BACK BENOIT). So Clare, we beg of you, figure out what you actually want (i.e. if you want to casually date multiple people, you do you. Just don’t then also say you’re really serious about finding your soulmate, ’K?), because we really want to be on your side!

All of this to say, we’ll be glued to our screens to see what goes down between Clare and Christian.

In the meantime Benoit, call us.

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