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Follow These IG Accounts Immediately for All Your BTS Bachelor Needs

Because if you’re not using Instagram for behind-the-scenes Bachelor Nation creeping, what are you even using it for?

If you’re like us, Tuesday through Sunday are the most treacherous days of your week. And if you’re one of those Monday haters, you obviously don’t watch The Bachelor or its equally amazing counterparts—The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Non-Bachelor days are the actual worst (and don’t even get me started on the off season) but luckily there’s a way to fill that empty void: Instagram! Whether you’re desperate to get the inside scoop on upcoming episodes, or if you want to feel like you’re traveling the world with the cast, or, if you just can’t get enough of all things Bachelor—these behind-the-scenes Instagram accounts are here for all your Bachelor Nation needs. So sit back, relax, and make *every* day a Bachelor day!

First, we’ll start with the obvious just in case (but like, you should really be following these accounts already):

The official IG account for The Bachelor…

#thebachelor in Bimini!

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aaanddd The Bachelorette.

@therachlindsay’s ready to get back to the ride of her life! #TheBachelorette returns Monday at 8|7c on ABC!

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And don’t forget about Bachelor in Paradise!!


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If you don’t follow Chris Harrison on all social media platforms, pls do so. Right now.

I love the look @therachlindsay gives me as I stalk her outside her suite in #Dallas #thebachelorette

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Moving on to the producers, because if you *really* want to feel like you’re a part of the journey, they’re the peops to follow:

**Warning: following these accounts may result in life jealousy, leading to you quitting your job and following your lifelong dream of becoming a Bachelor producer**

The crazy-haired dude below is Elan Gale, a.k.a one of the top-dog producers, so you *know* he has all the best pics.

Not only does this producer capture the coolest BTS moments (like the one below), her entire Instagram is just super cute and defs worth the follow.

Just another jumping ray of sunshine over here. #thosehopstho #jumpingfordays #thebachelorette #oslo #norway

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Brb, living vicariously through this lucky Bach producer.

Thank you, Lindsay Liles, for blessing us with this BTS shirtless pic of our Deanie baby. *Insert all the heart-eye emojis*

West coast!!!#thebachelorette starts now!!!!

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While you’re at it, you might as well follow the show’s stylist, Cary Fetman:

For inside deets on what the Bachelor/ette wears every ep (like this bomb outfit of Rachel’s).

Plus the show’s MUA, Gina Modica:

For all the BTS beauty goals you’ll ever need.

And lastly, we couldn’t forget about our very own Canadian spin-off:

Follow this account for all things Bachelor/ette Canada:

Is Double #ManCrushMonday a thing? Because how are we supposed to choose between these two studs. #MCM #BacheloretteCA

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