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Arie and Lauren Are Back + Everything Else We Know About Bachelor In Paradise Season 5

With a Bachelor Nation reunion, an engagement and a *ton* of returning faves, this season of Paradise is already shaping up to be glorious

'The Bachelor season 5' Arie wearing a suit and tie with fiancee Lauren with long blonde hair

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Another summer, another undoubtedly emotional season of Bachelor in Paradise.

After endless amounts of teasers (we’re looking at you, Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison), Bachelor Nation superfans are finally getting the deets they deserve. This season—premiering August 7—is guaranteed to be a juicy one, with ABC promising “shocking twists, surprises, unexpected guests and some of the most unlikely relationships in Bachelor history.” Colour us intrigued.

Here, everything we know *so far* about Bachelor in Paradise Season 5.

Arie and Lauren will make an appearance along with a bunch of other Bachelor Nation alum (and their babies!)

Arie and Lauren—the controversial Season 22 Bachelor and his runner-up-turned-fiancé—will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this season. We don’t know exactly what the pair’s role will be in Paradise—or how long they’ll be there—but it looks like they’re part of a larger group of Bachelor Nation alum that will be making cameos this season.

In the BIP season 5 trailer, we get a sneak peek at former Bachelor Ben Higgins yelling “I’m unlovable!” on the beach in a sombrero and mariachi suit. Raven makes her return to clarify that her first orgasm was in Paradise—not, in fact, during her run on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor as previously implied. And what would Bachelor In Paradise be without a visit from its (few) success stories?  Bachelor Nation royal couples Jade and Tanner and Carly and Evan will return to the beach where they found love with their *adorable* Bach babies in tow. Tanner exclaims that it’s a “little baby Paradise”—and we. cannot. wait.

The bartenders will be Wells Adams and Yuki

Ever since her heartbreaking and unnecessary exit from the Bachelor Winter Games, we’ve been rooting for 21-year-old Japanese contestant Yuki Kimura’s return to Bachelor Nation. Well, the recent promo confirmed that Yuki is back—but not *exactly* how we were expecting. Yuki will be this season’s bartender, along with Bachelor Nation alum Wells Adams (who took over duties from Jorge last season). Tbh, we are a little annoyed she isn’t an actual contender—you freaking owe her this much, Chris Harrison—but at this point we’ll take what we can get.

Mount Rushmore – Bachelor In Paradise is BACK, August 7th!

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There’s already an engagement

It’s no secret that Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon—who originally met on Season 1 of BIPgot engaged during this season of Paradise. But since they’ve only been dating for a hot second (after years of being on-again off-again), we remain unconvinced that it’s for realsies (though Nick Viall says it is 100% true love). Regardless of our skepticism, according to the trailer, this duo will be returning to the BIP beach where it all began for a classic Bachelor Nation proposal.

This was taken the night before we became fiancés!

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Literally *everyone* is crying

There must be something in the water, because legit every cast member is crying in the BIP season 5 trailer. It would defs not be Bachelor In Paradise without a fair share of tears, but this season, it seems like no one is immune to the drama.

During The Men Tell All, Chris Harrison promised that the sheer amount of tears this season will “blow us away.” Based on the BIP trailer, we’ll be seeing Colton crying over a love triangle (or two), Eric getting teary-eyed over wanting things to work out “so bad” and our favourite Canadian Kevin choking up (perhaps over his ex Ashley getting engaged?). It looks like there may more than a little trouble in Paradise.

The cast is full of franchise faves

Although there are always some last-minute additions, the current Paradise cast already has us giddy to get the damn season started. Here’s the lowdown.

'The Bachelorette' Headshot of Colton Underwood wearing a light pink shirt and leather jacket

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Colton Underwood (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

Colton may not have captured Becca’s heart, but someone *special* is waiting for him in paradise! When Becca’s BFF from Arie’s season, Tia, revealed she still had feelings for Colton (they dated briefly before he went on The Bachelorette), Becca sent the former football player packing/straight for Paradise. With Tia and Colton both hitting the beach this August, maybe things work out better for them the second time around.

The Bachelorette season 14 episode 2: Contestant Wills in a white button-up shirt and navy blazer

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Wills Reid (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

Support is strong at Flare HQ for this charming graphic designer to be our next Bachelor, especially after his heartbreaking Bachelorette exit. But until we see him giving out roses in the mansion (manifesting this so hard), you’ll be able to feast your eyes/cheer on this v. stylish Angeleno in Paradise this summer.


Chris R.

(Credit: CityTV)

Chris Randone (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

You can’t be as controversial as Chris R. was during Becca’s season and not end up on BIP. The sales trainer was booted after getting into a nasty name-calling match with fellow contestant, Lincoln. Becca had no time for his “stupid drama”…but you know that’s 77% of the reason you’ll be tuning in this summer.



(Credit: CityTV)

Connor Obrochta (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

Mere moments after Becca denied this fitness trainer from Florida a rose, it was announced that he’d be joining the BIP gang. He didn’t get a one-on-one date in his season, but better luck this time, Connor?


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Joe Ana

(Photograph: courtesy City)

Joe Amabile (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

Real talk: we were heartbroken when current Bachelorette Becca Kufrin sent the charming and oh-so-handsome Chicago-based grocery store owner home. We had a feeling that he would return, watermelon-patterned swim trunks in tow, and are *supes* excited to see who he woos in Mexico.


Bachelor in Paradise season 5 contestant Angela Amezcua in a blue and white batik crop top and shorts

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Angela Amezcua (The Bachelor, Season 21)

Tbh, we don’t remember a whole lot about Angela—a “professional model”—other than the fact that she was sent home during night one of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Eric Bigger in an open short-sleeve shirt

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Eric Bigger (The Bachelorette, Season 13)

Charming, handsome and sweet, Eric wasn’t able to capture Rachel Lindsay’s heart during her season of The Bachelorette, but he sure did capture ours. We’re crossing our fingers that he finds a connection in Paradise.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Tia Booth in a spaghetti strap tank and jean cut-offs

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Tia Booth (The Bachelor, Season 22)

After appearing on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season, Tia made headlines after it was revealed that she and Bachelorette contestant Colton Haynes dated briefly back in January. 


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member John Graham in a blue short-sleeve shirt and beige shorts

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John Graham (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

He’s apparently one of the founders of payment app Venmo—$$$$$—and seemed like a super-solid guy on Becca’s season.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Bibiana Julian in a maroon two-piece

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Bibiana Julian (The Bachelor, Season 22; Bachelor Winter Games, Season 1)

After an unsuccessful stint on Arie’s season, Bibs moved on to Winter Games for a second chance at love, but also left disappointed. Could the third time be the charm?


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Jordan Kimball in a blue striped tank and red shorts

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Jordan Kimball (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

The human golden retriever may have been ridiculous and completely over-the-top during his time on Becca’s season, but we gotta admit, he’s hella entertaining.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Kenny Layne in an open short-sleeve shirt and beige pants

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Kenny Layne (The Bachelorette, Season 13)

The professional wrestler was a total sweetheart on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, but was sent home on week 6.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Astrid Loch in a ruffly red crop top and jeans

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Astrid Loch (The Bachelor, Season 21)

She wasn’t able to capture the heart of Nick Viall on The Bachelor, but here’s hoping the office manager’s love life heats up in Mexico.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Kendall Long in a floral spaghetti strap dress

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Kendall Long (The Bachelor, Season 22)

The quirky taxidermy fan made it to Final Three in Arie’s season. After dodging *that* bullet, she is apparently ready to find love again.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Krystal Nielson in a batik print bikini

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Krystal Nielson (The Bachelor, Season 22)

Krystal’s uber-competitive, “not here to make friends” attitude earned her villain status on Arie’s season. Can we please, please get a Krystal-Jordan hook-up this season?? #summertelevisiongoals


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Nysha Norris in a ruffly green and blue print crop top

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Nysha Norris (The Bachelor, Season 22)

Nysha was sent home in the first week of Arie’s season, so we don’t know much about the Southern California-based nurse, other than the fact that she has awesome hair.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Annaliese Puccini in a pink romper

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Annaliese Puccini (The Bachelor, Season 22)

Annaliese won the First Impression Rose during Arie’s season, before her standing swiftly plummeted and she was sent home in week 3. (Also note this is the woman who had traumatic childhood experiences with both dogs and bumper cars, so we can only imagine what past traumas will resurface in Paradise.)


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member David Ravitz shirtless, in khaki shorts

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

David Ravitz (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

David made quite the first impression during Becca’s premiere as he sauntered out of the limo decked out in a full-blown chicken suit. The 25-year-old was sent home during Episode 5, and constantly clashed with fellow contestant Jordan Kimball. Here’s hoping they move on already in Paradise.


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Chelsea Roy in a peach belted mini dress

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Chelsea Roy (The Bachelor, Season 22)

Chelsea emerged on the Bachelor scene during Arie’s season, but was sent home on Episode 6. However, the 29-year-old real estate agent isn’t ready to give up on love just yet; in a recent Instagram post of her official BIP cast pic, she wrote: “Why throw in the towel when you can bring it to Paradise?”


Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Nick Spetsas, shirtless in white pants

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Nick Spetsas (The Bachelorette, Season 14)

This handsome attorney was sent home on Becca’s season after Episode 4, and is best known for showing up to a Rose Ceremony in a track suit.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast member Kevin Wendt, shirtless

(Photograph: Courtesy City)

Kevin Wendt (The Bachelorette Canada, Season 1; Bachelor Winter Games, Season 1)

Bachelorette Canada’s Kevin Wendt appeared on this year’s Bachelor Winter Games, quickly becoming a fave with U.S. franchise alums Bibiana Julian and Ashley I. After a brief relationship with Ashley, the pair parted ways. Intriguingly, Bibiana will also be in Paradise this summer…

Tune into Bachelor in Paradise starting Tuesday, August 7 at 8|7 c on City.

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