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Bachelor in Paradise Is Switching Things Up for Season 5 and We Can't Wait

Yuki, we're rooting for your redemption!

Bachelor Winter Games contestant Yuki looks over her left shoulder. She could be a top contender for Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor Winter Games contestant Yuki Kimura  (Photo: Getty)

The Bachelor Winter Games has been over now for a few weeks, but you may get to see some of your fave international contestants again soon. And this time, they’ll be swapping skiing for surfing on Bachelor in Paradise.

While BiP *normally* features contestants from the latest seasons of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (this summer’s cast will likely be largely comprised of Arie and Becca’s rejects), ABC is thinking of changing things up. Network exec Robert Mills confirmed that the BiP powers-that-be are considering bringing in some non-American faves from the Games. “I definitely think you’ll see some international faces, but not sure how many or where they are going to come from,” Mills told E! News.

If things aren’t set in stone just yet, we have a few suggestions.

Kevin Wendt

On March 12, it was confirmed that Kevin Wendt and Ashley Iaconetti broke up *sad face.* BUT, perhaps KW could find love in steamy Mexico. With Benoit Beauséjour-Savard now engaged to Clare Crawley, Kevin is the only other Bachelor Canada alum from Winter Games—meaning that he’s our only chance for some CanCon on BiP, unless Daniel Maguire comes back again???—so we’re rooting for him.

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Christian Rauch

This Swiss/German hunk fought hard for Clare’s heart, but in the end things just didn’t work out (remember their super petty and uncomfortable argument about the Jacuzzi date mix-up?) That said, he really seems like a nice guy who deserves a second chance at finding luv. Plus, according to his IG he looks real good on the beach, amiright?

Michael Garofola

If you’re wondering, “who’s Michael G.?” you’re not alone. As he’s hilariously pointed out on Twitter, Michael got zero camera time during the Games. He’s American, so he doesn’t qualify as “international,” but we still think he got cheated out of a storyline—and we’d love to get to know this hottie more through BiP.

Zoe Tang

Zoe was the only contestant on the Games from China’s Bachelor franchise. Unfortunately, she went home on the first night, so we didn’t really get to know her. She was a quieter contestant, and her personality seemed to be overshadowed with the more prominent storylines. That said, she clearly became close with Yuki, who cried upon hearing that Zoe was leaving. We would love to see Zoe—and her super-cute outfits—on BiP.

Yuki Kimura

Yuki’s sweet and funny personality quickly made her a fan favourite on Winter Games. But despite her popularity, she only found friendship, not love, on the show. Even worse, host Chris Harrison ended up prematurely giving Yuki the boot and casting her out into the freezing Vermont tundra (literally, she wasn’t even given a jacket). We wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t want to come back, but we also think ABC owes her a *legit* chance at love. Yuki deserves it, and we deserve closure, dammit.

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