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Bachelor in Paradise’s Epic Love Triangle Was On Ellen & It Was Awkward

We're sensing some maaaaj tension between Dean and D-Lo (and not the good kind)

Bachelor in Paradise Ellen interivew

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Ahead of tonight’s much-awaited Bachelor in Paradise finale (“much-awaited” because this season has been v. boring); season 4 cast members Dean, Kristina and Danielle L.—a.k.a the most infuriating love triangle in Paradise history—swung by the Ellen DeGeneres Show for a quickie interview. Here’s the highlight reel:

SPOILER: Dean and D-Lo probs won’t be getting engaged tonight *insert us secretly cheering*

It was Dean’s sweetness that first caught Kristina’s eye

Apparently, Kristina was drawn to Dean from the get-go because of his sweetness and kind heart—which unfortunately for her, he only showed for like two mins. When Ellen asked what made her like him so much, Kristina told a story from the first day in Paradise when Dean put a towel around Raven and Alexis after they came out of the ocean shivering; she said she had never seen that kindness in any of the guys she’s dated.

Dean wanted to quit Paradise after Kristina left

“That was a tough night for me. I literally went to the producers the next morning and was like I need to leave, I need to get out of here,” Dean said when Ellen brought up Kristina’s sudden exit. “I was so broken up about it,” he added. Wait. Did he seem super broken up about it when he was making out with D-Lo the very next morning? We’re confused.

Dean admits he handled things poorly

“I see looking back I could have handled things much better and I did handle things pretty poorly,” Dean said about the love triangle that has filled us with nothing but rage over the past few weeks. Unfortch, this realization was too little, too late and not enough for us to forgive our Deanie Baby for his f-ckboy behaviour. (We still think he’s smokin’ hot/would date him, though).

Dean and D-Lo defs *aren’t* together 

If a v. cold D-Lo sitting as far away as she physically could from Dean wasn’t a big enough hint that their relationship maybe-probably didn’t go anywhere; Ellen asking Dean and Kristina if they would ever rekindle their Paradise love was all the proof we needed. And that brings us to our next, and final point…

There *might* be hope for Dean and Kristina in the future (but probably hopefully not)

When asked if they would ever rekindle their relationship Kristina said she’d be willing to try if Dean could learn from his mistakes (ugh, girl MOVE ON) but Dean said he personally has a lot of growing up to do, which like DUH. He did however add that he hopes they continue talking and wants to “see where that will lead.” Disclaimer: if Kristina gets back with Dean after the way he treated her in Paradise we will lose our freaking minds.

Watch the full interview here:

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