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The Bachelor in Paradise Cast Can’t Wait to Get Back to the Beach

Bachelor in Paradise is back and the Season 4 cast is PUMPED

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. dropped some BIG news: in an official statement, it confirmed that its investigation into Bachelor in Paradise found no evidence of alleged sexual misconduct and that it will be resuming production on Season 4. While we were *totally* surprised by this news—we honestly thought BIP was donezo, for good reason—we’re also pretty damn excited to have our fave summer trash-TV show back. (And hopefully a version that places even more emphasis on the importance of consent.)

There’s been no word yet on whether or not Corinne will return (given that she’s recently been spotted with her BF, we highly doubt it) and even though DeMario has allegedly been invited back, there’s no word on whether he’ll actually be there. But the rest of the cast is current en route to Mexico and filming should recommence by the weekend.

In classic Bachelor Nation fashion, Season 4 cast members have been sharing their excitement aalllll over social media. Here, the highlights.


Sea you on the beach

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Raven has already posted a few tweets regarding the return of Bachelor in Paradise, along with an Instagram captioned “Sea you at the beach.” We see what you did there, Raven.

In response to the news, Vinny (who, let’s be honest, has become on of our fave BIP contestants) told ET, “I’m glad to hear that BIP 4 is back and I am glad to experience an amazing summer with the hard-working staff and cast members.” He’s also taken to Twitter and Instagram to share his excitement.

Well, I guess it’s time to get hammered…. again.

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The hilarious Alexis ‘Shark/Dolphin Girl’ Waters posted a Twitter vid with the even more hilarious Paradise theme song playing in the background. It was the best thing ever.

Bachelor Nation fan fave Amanda Stanton shared in an Insta story that she’s headed back to Mexico.

See all the Bachelor in Paradise Cast Reactions to the return of BIP

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Taylor Instagrammed a Throwback Tuesday of herself on the beach, accompanied by the hashtag #weareback.

And as for Robby, he hadn’t even unpacked yet…

Let’s try this again… ‘Bachelor in ParaTwice’

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Kristina Schulman, a fan fave from Nick’s season, shared her excitement.

Lacey from Nick’s season (not to be confused with Lace from Ben’s season) is happy that she can get back to finding the Evan to her Carly. Awww.

Back to the beach we go #BIP4 |: @sammijoym

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Derek Peth—from JoJo’s season—claims that the news was so good he didn’t care if he walked into a pole while reading about it. He also might have low-key dropped a hint that Diggy and Iggy from Rachel’s season might be Paradise-bound, too.

When see the news and you don’t even care if you accidentally walk into a pole. @kristinaschulman

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And on the subject of potential spoilers: Jasmine Goode (a.k.a the choker from Nick’s season) captioned an Instagram photo—that featured Danielle L. and Astrid, also from Nick’s season—with the hashtag #paradisevibes. Does that mean they’re going too!?


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We’re not sure about Danielle L., but according to Astrid’s Twitter, she’s defs going.

And there’s one more castaway from Nick’s season who was never confirmed for BIP but has taken to social media to hint that she’s going too.

And finally, even the Godfather of Bachelor Nation (duh, Chris Harrison) shared his gratitude re: Paradise‘s return.

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