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For Your Reference: A Guide to Bachelor Canada’s Remaining Women

We’re keeping track of Bachelor Canada Chris Leroux's women, so you don’t have to

Don’t lie, you’ve been suffering from maaaj Bachelor withdrawals since Bachelor in Paradise ended in August. Don’t worry so have we, which is why we’re thanking all the Gods for bringing us The Bachelor Canada in this time of need.

The season kicked off on October 11 and we’ve got some exclusive intel on all 20 of Chris’s future girlfriends—SPOILER ALERT—one of them identifies as a mermaid and we love her. But lets be real for a sec, 20 women is A LOT to keep track of and it’s kind of overwhelming. So we totally understand if you’re getting dizzy trying to keep track of who Chris has kicked to the curb and who’s safe until the next Rose Ceremony, which is why we’re here to help.

Check back every Thursday and we’ll give you a quick refresher course on who’s still in the running for Chris’s heart. You. Are. Welcome.

Watch The Bachelor Canada Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on W Network. Then, head on over to for Sharleen Joynt’s always on-point recaps and more!

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