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Ashley Iaconetti's Offensive Tweet Has Angered Bachelor Nation Fans

Not a good look, Ashley

Ashley Ianconetti looks off to her left hand side. The Bachelor Nation alum recently tweeted out an offensive tweet that upset fans of the franchise.

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It’s 2018, Ashley Iaconetti.

The former Bachelor contestant (you’ll also remember her from her two stints on Bachelor in Paradise and, most recently, Bachelor Winter Games) just posted a v. offensive remark on Twitter last night, using a derogatory word. Now Bachelor Nation fans are calling her out.

This is a screenshot of Ashley Ianconetti's offensive Tweet she posted on April 19.

(Photo: A screenshot of Ashley Iaconetti’s Tweet)

Iaconetti deleted the post within minutes of sharing it, but not before several users on the platform responded to her use of the transphobic slur. Leah Thomsen, as noted in the screengrab above, was one of the first to school Iaconetti on her insensitivity. “Ashley I love you. But do NOT use the term tranny. Not cool,” wrote Thomsen.

“Referring to yourself as a ‘tranny’ is never okay, and this tweet should NOT be happening in 2018,” wrote another user.

We didn’t think we’d have to say this in 2018 either, but the slang term Iaconetti used is derogatory and offensive. It’s even considered hate speech by Facebook. GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide expressly states that the term “dehumanize[s] transgender people and should not be in mainstream media.” While Iaconetti wasn’t writing for mainstream media or appearing on TV when she used the word, she should know better and recognize the platform she has on Twitter. GLAAD’s guide also states that while “some transgender people may use ‘tranny’ to describe themselves, others find it extremely offensive.”

This isn’t the first time the term has been used in an insensitive manner. Lance Bass, of *NSYNC fame, was also criticized for using it during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live back in 2011. Within 24 hours of making the remark, Bass responded to the backlash with a column for HuffPost where he repeatedly apologized for what he said. “I have nothing but respect and empathy for anyone struggling with, or who has had to struggle with, finding peace in the body they were born into,” he wrote. “I know my own struggles that I had to go through just to find peace with my sexuality.”

Iaconetti hasn’t owned up to the tweet with an apology yet. She has since posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption: “I like this photo of me, and I hope you do too.” Not a good look, Ashley.

I like this photo of me, and I hope you do too.

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