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"I Don't Think He Will End Up Marrying Lauren:" Arie’s Ex Spills the Tea

Dude, you kinda sound like the worst

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It looks like Arie Luyendyk Jr. has had trouble settling down with *one* woman even before his stint on The Bachelor, according to a former flame.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, ex-girlfriend Giustina Lee—who says she dated the race-car driver on-and-off from 2013 to 2017—claims that Arie has long had a fear of commitment, and even two-timed her. “When it comes to relationships he has no idea what to do,” the 29-year-old law student told the outlet. “I hope that Lauren considers everything about Arie [and is] careful.”

But that’s not all Giustina said about the snake former Bachelor. Here, four things we learned about Arie from Giustina’s revealing (and lengthy) interview—including her predictions about his relationship with fiancé Lauren Burnham.

[One note before we get started: the Daily Mail does not appear to have confirmed any of Giustina’s claims with Arie—so keep that in mind while you’re reading.]

Arie apparently sees himself as a “perpetual bachelor”

Despite the fact that 36-year-old Arie went on national TV claiming he wanted real love and a wife, Giustina says Arie is a playboy who has “Peter Pan syndrome.” According to his ex, he even looks up to famous Hollywood bachelors and their womanizing lifestyles. “He never wants to grow up,” Giustina explained. “He thinks of himself as a perpetual bachelor like George Clooney…before he married. He is no George Clooney.” (Is it because you both have grey hair, Arie????)

So how did Giustina feel when she saw Arie was going to star on Season 22 of The Bachelor? “I immediately thought [it was] fake news, then laughed my ass off,” she said. “Not once during our last conversation did he ever mention the possibility of going on The Bachelor… For the past four years he told me he wasn’t that type of guy who wanted minimal fame from a show like [that], but he was that type of guy!”

Arie wasn’t loyal in the past

For a dude who idolizes a pre-Amal George, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Arie might not be super upfront with women. Giustina—who met Arie at a Playboy Mansion party in September 2013—says he cheated on her multiple times. As she told the Daily Mail, she planned a trip to visit Arie in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, and just before her flight was about to take off, he called her and told her not to come because he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. “I was flabbergasted,” she said. “I told him to f-ck off and hung up on him.”

But that wasn’t even the worst part: it turns out Arie was dating someone else at the time, and posted photos of the other woman on social media days later. The charming (?) Arie then convinced Giustina to give him a second chance a year later, and when she did, she found out that he had a live-in girlfriend. “I foolishly though this time, [he] has changed, he is going to commit,” she said. Eventually, after years of what Giustina calls “cat-and-mouse games,” including a hookup in Las Vegas in 2017, she ghosted Arie. “I just thought he was playing games again with my emotions,” she said. “I was mad at him.”

Becca “dodged a bullet”

Since Giustina is familiar with Arie’s slimy ways, she thinks that Becca Kufrin (who Arie famously proposed to, then dumped, on TV) is lucky that she didn’t end up with the Bachelor. “I would say to Becca, you dodged a bullet, you got the better end of the deal,” she said. The law student also said that Becca was “the face of what he has done to countless women”—which is just another reason why we are SO stoked to watch her find a better beau on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

“I felt bad for [Becca]” Giustina revealed. “When I saw the clip of her crying when Arie was breaking up with her, telling her wants to try to rekindle this relationship with Lauren, I’ve heard that same line.” We will take this as further evidence that Arie legit has a limited vocabulary, something he and Lauren have in common.

There’s a chance Arie won’t *actually* marry Lauren

According to Giustina, Arie’s history of dating then ditching women is reason enough to believe that he may not walk down the aisle with Lauren—even though the salt-and-pepper-haired real estate agent proposed to the 26-year-old on national television. “I think Arie will end up backing out of their relationship,” Giustina said. “I know his pattern in relationships. The only chance she has of marrying him is if they film it.”

We’ll be watching to see how this one ends, Arie.

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