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Snake Alert! Bachelor Arie Slid Into *Multiple* Contestants' DMs Post-Filming

If he was ever sorted into a Hogwarts house, he'd def be in Slytherin

The Bachelor's Arie Luyendyk Jr. sits with a hand over his mouth and a cartoon snake over his head.

If you think you’ve caught up on all The Bachelor dramz over the past few weeks, it ain’t over yet. In case it isn’t super clear at this point that Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. is a slithering, slimy snake for breaking off his engagement with Becca Kufrin on TV and then proposing to Bachelor runner-up Lauren Burnham in front of a live audience, his rep is about to get worse. According to former contestants Bekah Martinez and Kendall Long, Arie is a real player.

The pair (our new favourite Bachelor besties) recently sat down with Vulture and spilled the beans on what it was *really* like on Arie’s season—and they didn’t hold anything back. From Lauren’s “extremely goofy”personality (?) to Krystal Nielson’s drunken tantrum at the bowling alley to which members of Bach Nation Arie contacted after the show wrapped, Bekah and Kendall revealed A LOT.

Here, the biggest goss the two ladies spilled. Grab a mug of your fav tea and start sippin’.

“He slid into those DMs”

Apparently Arie was playing multiple women for longer than we thought (but is anyone really that surprised?).

According to Bekah, Arie was talking to Lauren for weeks before his televised breakup with Becca. “He contacted Lauren very privately over her Instagram DMs,” Bekah dished. “If he wanted to, he could’ve broken up with Becca very privately.” Yes, yes he could. *glares at computer screen*

But if that wasn’t slimy enough, he was *also* in conversation with several other Bachelor ladies whilst DM’ing with future fiancée Lauren—including Bekah M: “It wasn’t just me and Lauren, there were other women as well” (whom she declined to name). So what did he say to Bekah that was so important? “Thinking of you, hope you’re doing well!” she said, noting the message landed in her inbox around the same time that the episode of her getting sent home aired. The outspoken Cali girl then took the opportunity to take a shot at the boring Bachelor and said what we’ve all been screaming at our TV’s: “C’mon, dude. You’re 36, you know better.”

Lauren has a goofy side?

Although eventual winner Lauren came off as quieter than some of the other contestants on the show, Bekah and Kendall got to know her fun and silly side when the cameras weren’t around—and it turns out she’s a hoot. “This is really important: Lauren was extremely goofy and extremely fun,” Bekah said. Even though we can’t picture this, Bekah and Lauren apparently bonded during an impromptu singing session where Lauren was “belting out Moulin Rouge! lyrics on the balcony.” Well, a girl’s gotta have fun somehow when she’s dating a dud.

But Lauren was totally there for love

If Lauren fell for Arie, why didn’t she want to show us those feelings on TV? According to Bekah, Lauren dialled it back once she started to really like him. “As she developed more feelings for Arie, she became more closed off and guarded and insecure,” she said. Kendall agreed, sharing, “She showed a lot of emotion on camera that I didn’t expect. But she was really guarded. She doesn’t seem like the kind of person that would want to have her love life on television.” Bekah added: “I don’t think [the producers] had much to work with.”

Krystal was drunk during that group bowling date

Remember Krystal’s temper tantrum at the group bowling date when Arie “took back his word” and invited both the winning and losing teams to the after-party? Yep, turns out she wasn’t sober. According to Kendall, Krystal hadn’t eaten for two days before the Group Date, and when they started filming, she started drinking. “Drinking without eating for two days, she was super tipsy. There were a lot of factors there,” Kendall said. (If we had to endure weeks on end of Arie, we would drink too, TBH.)

But despite her negative side on the Group Date (and much of the season, if we are being real), Krystal apparently liked to preach positivity to the other contestants. “Tony Robbins is her god,” Bekah says. “So she was always preaching peace and love, and I was just like, Ugh, stop trying so hard. At the end of the day, you said what you said and did what you did.”

Cell phones are a big no-no—and contestants can’t pee alone

You may think that in 2018 it’s pretty much impossible to go anywhere without your phone, but on The Bachelor, contestants aren’t allowed to use their devices at all. For Bekah, the struggle was real, as her seclusion from the outside world caused serious problems for her (honestly girl, tell your mom where you be!). Because of the no-phone rule, when contestants were out of the house, they needed to be babysat. “When we were at the airport, we didn’t have cell phones, so if we went to the bathroom a producer would have to be a chaperone,” Bekah said. (Talk about a controlled environment.)

But the best quote of the interview came from Bekah, when she wondered how The Bachelor could be different if they allowed *different* substances. “It would be fun if weed was a really big part of the show,” she said. “What if they had marijuana on all dates and ceremonies?” What does she think would happen if the ladies smoked up, you ask? “You know, this rose is all just a construct,” she said imagining the scene. “All of the women are just sitting on the couch like, Honestly this is bullshit. We don’t need a man. And they all leave.”

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