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Hannah B. and Tyler C. Are 100% Together

The proof is in the TikToks

Fact: The only silver lining to this pandemic is that it has brought one of The Bachelorette‘s all-time favourite couples back together. ICYMI, Hannah B. and Tyler C.—who first met on season 15 of The Bachelorette when Tyler made it all the way to the final two, only to be dumped for Jed—have been quarantining together in Tyler’s home state of Florida along with a bunch of the model’s friends. It looks super fun. To pass the time, pretty much everyone in the house has—like many people who are physically distancing—created TikTok accounts which is great because it a) passes the time and b) offers Bach nation some much-needed Hannah and Tyler content. Since the group started posting on their respective TikToks in early March, Bach nation has been searching through hours of content—which includes lots of dances, eating competitions and intense workouts—to find the answer to the most important question: Are Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron dating or what?!

While the pair have been decidedly coy on the subject, teasing fans with semi-romantic content (like that “in my pants” video)…

@hannahkbrownTHE CLOSEST* Tyler has ever gotten to getting in my pants. ##fyp ##fliptheswitch ##lifeathome @katedooley0 @olivia.faria @tylerjcameron3♬ Nonstop – Drake

…we have the answer Bach nation has been waiting for: Uh duh, they are 100% a couple. Because besides being flirty as hell, the proof is in the TikToks (and other social media posts). Here, all the reasons we know Hannah B. and Tyler C. are more than just friends—courtesy of social media.

Tyler and Hannah’s argument over clean sheets

Anyone who has lived with a romantic partner knows that arguing over the cleanliness of your sheets is pretty much a rite of passage. True story: When I started dating my ex, he revealed—several months into our relationship—that he had not washed his sheets since the beginning of the school year in September. For reference, it was February. So needless to say, arguing about bedding is an ~intimate~ and personal topic. Which is why this recent TikTok posted by Tyler’s BFF, Matt James, is so telling.

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In the sneaky vid, Matt checks in on everyone in the house. Whatever, they’re all fine. The *real* intrigue comes when he ducks into one bedroom in particular. Inside the room, you can see Tyler and Hannah arguing about when the sheets were last cleaned as Hannah strips a pillowcase from a pillow. In the video, Tyler is seen getting mad at Hannah because she says he only cleans his sheets every two months (which is honestly gross, but we’ll forgive it).

@mattjames9191Quarantine Life: Day 16 – 1st fight in the house! ##boredathome ##fyp ##foryou♬ original sound – mattjames9191

Hannah, for her part, knows exactly when the sheets were last washed (a week and a half ago, for the record), and says they need to be cleaned, before the duo breaks out into a pillow fight. Why, pray tell, would Hannah know the intimate details about Tyler’s sheets if she hadn’t been sleeping in them? And why would she care about how clean they are if she wasn’t sleeping in them? Answer: she wouldn’t! Meaning, she’s probably been sharing those sheets with Tyler, y’all!

After Matt exits the room, Tyler can be heard asking Hannah if she “wants to fight some more,” which sounds both sexual and sexy AF. Tyler, I will gladly fight with you as well.

Adding to the evidence that Hannah and Tyler are, in fact, sharing a bed, is *another* video posted by Matt, in which we see Hannah snuggled up in the same bed online shopping!

They’re called facts, people.

Tyler’s reaction to that knee grab

And if you thought Tyler was protective over his sheets, wait until you see this video of his reaction to his brother, Ryan, touching Hannah’s thigh. In a March 29 Instagram Live, Ryan can be seen placing his hand on Hannah’s knee. Tyler, front and centre in the vid, makes a face and then straight up says: “Grabbing on her thigh pretty hard.”

To which his bro looks awkward as hell, and then removes his hand….

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*Those* scratch marks

This is potentially a stretch, or maybe wishful thinking, but further evidence of the former couple getting up close and personal comes via Tyler’s very fit bod.

As Instagram users pointed out in a post on @bachelornation.scoop—which showed Tyler resting against a truck during quarantine—the model and contractor has some *very* suspect marks on his back.

We see those scratch marks! Maybe they’re from all of his workouts? Perhaps he ran through a bramble bush? Maybe they’re from one of the other girls in the house? (Doubtful, though, because they’re all his longtime friends.) Or most likely, they’re from one Miss Hannah Brown.

TBH, if I was with someone as hunky as Tyler, I would also be leaving my mark in pretty much any way I could.

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The case is solved, folks! And needless to say, this is one pair of exes we’re happy to see getting emotionally closer while physically distancing.