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Alexis is Bringing Her Shark Costume to Paradise + 10 Other Reasons We Love Her

If you're an Alexis fan—and who the heck isn't??—you're gonna *love* the newest Bachelor in Paradise teaser

Alexis Waters BIP: She's bringing her shark costume

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OK so Bachelor in Paradise hasn’t *officially* started yet (11 more sleeps, guys!), but we already know who our fave contestant of the season is: Alexis Shark/Dolphin Girl Waters. Duh.

On Tuesday, BiP tweeted a 15-second teaser of Alexis—the super hilarious Jersey girl from Nick’s seasonrunning around the beach in her shark costume (could also be a dolphin costume, still not really sure) and we can’t. freaking. wait. Hopefully the whole dolphin/shark debate will get cleared up this summer but for now, here’s all the reasons why Alexis is already our fave person in Paradise.

We’ll start with the obvious, she’s SO funny

We all know Nick’s season of The Bachelor was a total snoozefest, but Alexis was always there to save the episode with some comic relief—and some on-point Game of Thrones references—until she got sent home and our hearts broke into a million pieces.

Alexis Waters BIP: We can't wait for more of her comedic relief

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And as you can probs guess, her social media is also hilarious

If you’re not already, you *need* to follow Alexis on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (same username as her Twitter) immeds. You won’t be sorry.


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She truly doesn’t give a shit if she gets friend-zoned

While Lacey was busy ripping Nick a new one during his Women Tell All, Alexis was making sure everyone knew how much she didn’t care about being in the friend zone with Nick (probs because she never really liked him anyway)And not only was it a hilarious burn on Nick, it was also the perf example of her easy-going, nonchalant attitude.

Alexis Waters BIP: She doesn't care if she gets friend-zoned

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She’s celebrates ‘Happy Boob Day’

Some celebrate half birthdays, some celebrate their pets’ birthdays, but leave it to Alexis to celebrate the anniversary of her breast implants—complete with cupcakes, of course. If that’s not #goals, IDK what is.

She goes all out on group dates

So you just *know* her Paradise dates are going to be AMAZING.

Alexis Waters BIP: She goes all out on group dates

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Everyone else loves her, too

Srsly, creep anyone in Bachelor Nation on IG and we’ll bet you they have at least one pic with Alexis saying how great and funny she is.

My favorite Dolphin Shark @alexiswaters_

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 The way she explained New Orleans on The Bachelor

“I like gators, grits and a good time” is probs our all-time fave Alexis quote. For now, anyway.

Alexis Waters BIP: She has the funniest quotes

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And remember when she said “move bitches” after her name got called at a Rose Ceremony?

Oh, just Alexis is being her best self.

Alexis Waters BIP: Alexis saying "move bitches" at Rose Ceremony

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She’s also not afraid to face her fears

Early on in Nick’s season, Alexis told him that her two biggest fears were aliens and Nicolas Cage (LOL). And later she made out with Nick…while he wore a Nicholas Cage mask… and hashtagged it #FaceYourFears

And finally, she loves to laugh at herself

But like, if we were as funny as Alexis Waters we’d be probs laugh at ourselves all the time too.

In honor of #sharkweek, let’s reminisce

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**If you can’t wait until August 14 to see Alexis in all her shark/dolphin glory (8:00 EST on City), we get you. Watch the way-too-short, but v. hilarious trailer here:

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