A new way to display photos that you can throw in your purse


Après wedding, it seems people only want one thing from you—photos! Whether it’s your bridal party hoping to OK every print, or Grandma who wants to see every—single—one, the new Photo Book makes bringing them along much easier.

Forget the bursting album, this digital display book, think digital frame minus the cord, is easy to handle, and battery operated. The white case and USB capabilities make it sleek and functional – it’s like throwing your camera in your bag.

You can upload images from friends and family or have them download straight from your Photo Book for on the spot sharing and editing. With 4 GB of memory and a 2.5 hour battery life you can pass around the album, include audio and even add captions. The book explains it all—so you don’t have to!

At Vistek and Henry’s.

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