We Found 50 Flattering Swimsuits Size 0–16

Do not shop for a bathing suit without seeing these picks! We’ve got one-pieces, cut-outs, retro, sporty, florals and more


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6 comments on “We Found 50 Flattering Swimsuits Size 0–16

  1. Omg! You call them curvy !! Boy do we have a long way to go !


  2. “For EVERY body” [emphasis mine]. You keep using these words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean. In fact, I would call this article a total fail. Say it like you actually mean it, Flare: admit that you are only even considering bodies under a size, what, ten? Or do you stretch things up to a *gasp* twelve? Newsflash: according to WWD (that’s Women’s Wear Daily), “About 68 percent of the U.S. female population is size 12 and above. ” 68 percent! So, in your article, you are actually covering a minority. Just admit it.


  3. I have to agree with the 2 comments so far…..Flare is not in any way realistic about what a “real” woman is…..all of these models are (1) young and (2) stick thin. Older women (like me – 61) are still vital and still read fashion magazines but your magazine/website is geared to the “younger” women. Believe it is or not Flare the fashion industry totally forgets about us and we have more disposable income and can afford much more than the “younger” women who are like sheep following the trends however ugly they may be.


  4. The above three comments PLUS how is there even a variety of body types within these FIFTY shots? You’re telling me you could only find one slight variation with the Spanx model?? On top of it, I’m sorry but ALL these swimsuits were ugly! Give it up, Flare…go home already~


  5. Some of the suits are pretty (but on young, pretty women almost anything is going to look good) but how can these be swim suits? Very few, if any, would stay on if the wearer were actually swimming, especially if she is in the sea and stroking through waves. Form has to follow function, especially in s swim suit–flattering appearance is worthless if the suit falls off or rolls down or does not permit the wearer to move her limbs through the full range of motion.


  6. I have to agree completely with the previous comments. It is very misleading to say there is a suit for “every body” when it is the same body type modelling all 50 suits. Why not show “every body” type in an appropriate suit?


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