Zodiac Style: 15 Snake Fashion Picks For Your New Sign, Ophiuchus

Still stunned by NASA’s recent zodiac discovery? Fret not, we’ve got 15 slick Slytherin-approved snake style options to suit your new astrological persona


Guys, as you may have heard, we’ve got a bonus astrological sign! The stars have aligned and the sky has quite literally shifted (because of the Earth’s axis and stuff—more here in NASA’s Tumblr update, seriously), bringing us a thirteenth astrological sign: Ophiuchus. That mouthful of a word is pronounced o-fee-u-cus and roughly translates to “serpent-bearer.”

Apparently, early Babylonians got it wrong 3,000 years ago and failed to disclose a thirteenth constellation of stars that would complete the zodiac (as opposed to the 12-constellation model we’ve been riding since well, forever).

So if you were born between November 29 and December 17, you fall under a new sign, and you’ve got an extra spicy counterpart, the serpent, to work into your wardrobe. Especially great news for any Scorpios or Sagittariuses out there who have felt plagued by their sign, because you could be in for a better, more fulfilling—and stylish—life as an Ophiuchus.

And just in time, we’ve got 15 slick Slytherin-approved snake style options to suit your new astrological persona. 

<b>Regal Rose</b>

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