Localist Guide: The Best Places to Buy Jeans in Canada

Our Localists-at-Large in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax share their go-to shops for stocking up on fresh new denim for fall—plus their favourite pairs from each store!


From figuring out your size to contending with all manner of changing room horror (bad lighting! trick mirrors!), buying jeans can be a hellish task. But nothing beats the feeling of finding The One—or ones—that make you feel fresh to death (and your butt look bangin), so we enlisted the help of our Localist babes to create the essential cool girls’ guide to the best places to buy jeans in Canada. Now all that’s left to do is shop!

Meet the Localists: Ania, Cara, Ellen, Gabrielle and Gracie
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2 comments on “Localist Guide: The Best Places to Buy Jeans in Canada

  1. There are other provinces in Canada


  2. How about Reitmans?
    They have a great selection of affordable denim.


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