5 Bloggers With Inspiring Style

Meet five names who are making their mark


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  1. I love that these bloggers have their own personal style, but what they seem to miss is a personal lifestyle. To me, they seem exactly the same when it comes to their lifestyle. It is about fitting in, wearing all the right brands and earning the reputation of being a cool fashionista. I love fashion, but I find it sad that it has become such an obsession for many young women. I believe that we are smarter than that. Why would we even want to be “diehard fashion fans”? I love when I see women who have more than a “personal style, women with a personal lifestyle. Their lifestyle is then mirrored in their way of dressing. Their clothes express their opinions about the world around them, rather than just being a personal way of matching what is considered “in” right now. These women are truly stylish.


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