The Best, Worst and Most Boring Bachelorettes Ever (Updated!)

Before The Bachelorette returns on May 22—and we can finally look forward to Mondays again—we took stock of the franchise’s best (and worst, and most boring) leading ladies. Come take a walk down that always-wet driveway with us…


We’re less than two months away from watching Dallas-based lawyer and all-around boss babe Rachel Lindsay begin her journey for love—a.k.a date 30 hot dudes at the same time—on The Bachelorette (premiering May 22). And after Nick’s significantly disappointing stint on The Bachelor, we’re v. excited for Rachel to give us an A++ season (pressures on, girl), hopefully including a male version of Corinne as well as some ACTUAL real-life romance. And from what we saw during Rachel’s recent group date on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we have a good feeling about the upcoming season.

With that in mind, we present a definitive Bachelorette ranking. Please enjoy responsibly (i.e. at your desk, right now, work be damned) and tune into on Tuesday, May 23 for Sharleen Joynt’s first season 13 recap!

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Originally published on April 21, 2016

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