Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 2—Plus New Video!

Sharleen Joynt—FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her take on last night’s episode of The Bachelor


Just last week I said I felt The Bachelor premiere represented some sort of evolution, as though we’d all grown past a) seeing the women as characters we love to hate, and b) being shown mostly women we might love to hate. I’m not taking that back because I really do think this season’s women are an intelligent, accomplished bunch. However, this episode took a distinct step back for me. I spent the bulk of my The Morning After video discussing Corinne so I’ll resist being redundant, but my issue here is the time focusing on someone like her takes from something meaningful being shown.

Believe it or not, many saps like myself do watch this show for the love stories. Beyond Danielle M’s 1-on-1, we caught glimpses of relationships being developed between Nick and Taylor and Nick and Raven, but then those were both promptly flushed down the toilet by Nick giving that Group Date rose to Corinne. After all, a rose supposedly represents promise and excitement about a person. In fact, the entire premise of this show revolves around the damn flower having some sort of meaning. Thus, giving that aforementioned sense of promise and excitement to a woman who…

a) needlessly strips and has him hold her breasts in front of the other women (my issue is with the parts in italics; if she wants to get frisky, kudos to her for her confidence, but really, there are better times and places)

b) uses no adjectives to describe him or her feelings for him other than “he’s so hot”

c) interrupts several women for additional 1-on-1 time when not everyone has had time (which is just poor sportsmanship)

… is an indisputable slap in the face to every woman who might be taking this even remotely seriously.

It also unfortunately highlights that innate imbalance of power I’ve long been harping about here: in what world would women of Taylor and Raven’s substance stick around after the man they’d invested their time and energy in gave the validation they’d sought to someone like Corinne? In the real world, if they had any sense, they would walk; that man’s actions would have spoken volumes as to what he was looking for. To force these women to swallow their pride this early in the season feels really icky to me. We all know a hefty pride-swallowing is in the cards for any contestant who lasts here (Nick knows this well), but the rationalization is that they swallow their pride because they know and like the Bachelor well enough not to leave—because they’ve had time to get to know and like him. My point is, it is too early to demand this degree of pride-swallowing, and every way you slice it (including speculating that Group Date rose was a producer push), it reflects negatively on Nick.

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Look, I get that Nick’s MO is not caring what people think. Even as my friend he says I care too much what people think, and frankly, he might be right. He didn’t care what people thought while on Andi’s season, and still a bit on Kaitlyn’s, and so he might admire Corinne for sharing that trait. But on those seasons, for all his interrupting of other people’s 1-on-1 times, the times he swooped in first for 1-on-1 time, or—the ultimate sin—when he insisted on 1-on-1 time even when he already had a rose, the purpose was because HE LIKED THE GIRL. He didn’t just want time for competition’s sake or to use it to stick his tongue down the Bachelorettes’ throats. He also didn’t do it the first week, before he’d developed strong enough feelings to warrant those strong actions. I always appreciated his brutal not-caring and found it refreshing, his reasons honest. Corinne’s are neither refreshing nor honest.

the bachelor

“I didn’t go into the photo shoot with no clothes, I actually was daring enough to have clothes and take them off” (Photo: courtesy ABC)

My frontrunners after this episode are…

1. Danielle M, 31: This date, when it wasn’t being hijacked by Liz’s storyline, was a much-needed respite from an otherwise drama-milking episode. I found her past with her fiancé to be utterly heart-wrenching, yet she told it with such simplicity and quiet strength. Everything about Danielle M screams “quality” and she behaves the way you wish all people would: resilient and positive while remaining unassuming and not at all entitled. She’s also gorgeous to boot.

2. Rachel, 31: It’s not the first time a FIR recipient hasn’t gotten a date Week 1, so I’m not fooled. Rachel isn’t going anywhere for a long time, despite the fact that we saw nothing from or about her this week.

3. Taylor, 23: Taylor is rapidly becoming one of my favourite ladies. I mentioned last week that I love the dichotomy of how sweet she comes off and what a potty mouth she has. Her simple, polite smile while Corinne drunkenly lectured the women, particularly knowing Taylor has a bachelor in psychology and master’s degree in mental-health counseling, was priceless. She’s young but seems so mature, and above all, she and Nick seemed to hit it off.

4. Corinne, 24: I’m going to first look at the positives here. Corinne is beautiful and abundantly confident. Nick gives her plenty of validation: he called her “sexy” and said she was “a big reason why” he had had fun that day. As I said above, I think he recognizes and appreciates how she doesn’t care what the others think. This also brings attention to the fact that Nick is the first-ever lead who was a much-despised villain himself; he may not view Corinne through the same lens that another Bachelor might. (In fact, most Bachelors might be too afraid to fall for a villain to ever keep them around.) Look, I get that every season has a villain and that the show would likely be far less interesting without her. However, my main issue with Corinne is more to do with how early all this is happening; it feels unnatural, like we’ve skipped two episodes’ worth of relationship development between her and Nick, and two episodes’ worth of living, eating, and sleeping in close quarters with the other women.

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24 comments on “Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 2—Plus New Video!

  1. As annoying as I find Corinne, I get it. Nick was in love with Andi and Kaitlyn, both of whom were freaking spitfires. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he has validated Corinne and seems to like her (despite how much it confuses the rest of us) because she’s a spitfire too. He hasn’t heard her talk about her platinum vagine or brag about her business, he doesn’t know she lives at home and still has a nanny and is a spoiled, entitled brat. All he’s seen, all he knows so far, is that she’s a little wild thing.

    The obvious difference between Kaitlyn’s wildness and Corinne’s though, is that Kaitlyn was just being herself and Corinne’s comes from insecurity. I have no doubt he’ll figure it out in time.


  2. Love your recaps, Sharleen, and the new recorded morning after thoughts! Any chance you have any say in removing the music that’s being played over you? It’s really distracting and overpowers you rather than being in the background. It seems unnecessary and is not enhancing but distracting from your words! Keep up the good work!


    • I TOTALLY agree with the comment above. I found the music cheesy and it was fighting against Sharleen. Perhaps something mellower, and several decibels lower if possible.


    • Yes!! Completely agree! The music was EXTREMELY distracting and annoying. I kept looking for a hidden video on some other open window before I realized it was here. I can’t think of any purpose for it.


      • Thanks! I’m glad it wasn’t just me!!


  3. Good riddance to Liz — that whole scenario struck me as a total set up. I keep forgetting Nick is 36 as right now he comes across 10 years younger. It’s too bad many of the women are real young and real immature. Hopefully he’ll weed through them so we can see the guy who was on BIP.


  4. I actually completely disagree that Nick doesn’t care what people think. I think he cares quite a bit and is much more insecure than he lets on. Not a fan. To me, he doesn’t seem to know what he wants and his ego is clearly driving the bus.


  5. Sharleen (and Flare), THANK YOU for providing us so much fantastic content. I’ve said it before and I love that other people express this as well – your insightful and witty analysis is a joy and I’m so glad that between your Flare content (the video quick take is great) and your Pandas recap, I’m eating it up. I eat up other good Bachelor content (I follow all the best on Twitter and Here to Make Friends is great) but Sharleen, your take really stands out. In addition to your thoughtful personality and your writing talent, I TRUST that your insider take is genuine because I’ve noted how well your navigate your own experience with the show with your personal relationships with many of the people we’re watching (Nick being probably the biggest example of this, being a lead, as well as a Bach franchise friend who seems to be one of your closest friends of the bunch). I also credit Nick for, and I’m not surprised, that he’s given you free reign on being honest about your opinions. I appreciate the candor and authenticity you both share. OK so I will stop raving about that now.

    Sharleen’s Flare commenters: OOF all of a sudden I feel like I have to skim comments to avoid spoilers and to gloss over angry bashing of contestants/the bachelor. Typically Sharleen’s posts attract thoughtful critical analysis similar to hers (a la Erica’s first comment, great point!), which makes this space great.

    Finally (I should try to make these comments shorter), in terms of Corinne – YES the “caricature” concept describes her perfectly. I wish there was some more attention paid by viewers (Twitter, my fellow Bachelor fantasy pool players, whoever) to consider the nuances of each archetype, particularly the villain. Corinne reminded me of JJ Lane from Kaitlyn’s season – before he went on a redemption tour on Paradise, he actively and transparently vied, or even crafted, the role of “not here to make friends” caricature villain. It’s eye-roll worthy and rather boring, and I’m seeing it again in Corinne (though I think she’s a bit less deliberate than JJ was). Your take on ultimate and well-played villain Courtney R. is spot on and there’s so much more nuance and viewing enjoyment from the archetypes that evolve throughout a season due to the many influences (being away from home, cooped up, developing feelings, interactions between contestants, whatever). Chad was an actual, literal human villain who was (and still is) hilariously (in a sad way) the biggest projector of fame seeking I’ve ever seen – his constant accusations that other Bachelorette and BIP contestants just wanted fame and attention outdone only by the number of times he’s graced my TV or computer screen (inadvertantly by me) in attempts to get attention since – ugh. Finally, Olivia, much more obviously a product of producer/editing manipulation and stress under filming combined with perhaps a real amount of naivite (and accompanying lack of self-awareness) on her part – COMPLETELY different type of “villain”. I even had to tweet her (I have literally never tweeted at a contestant or lead before and I did it twice last night – once to her and also to Jade re: Liz because I felt so badly for her) to note that I don’t like the comparisons of Olivia to other villains because it’s so much more complex than that.

    I’ll stop rambling now. Thanks for creating and maintaining a space for these discussions!


    • Score one more for thoughtful critical analysis. Thank you, Christie :-)

      With regard to Christie’s 2nd paragraph, I have a favor to ask of the Flare moderators. Given that there have been people posting spoilers in what normally is a respectful space to discuss Sharleen’s commentary, could the moderators please continue to make an attempt to delete such comments? We would appreciate it!


  6. I really appreciate what you said about the imbalance of power, and how women who would normally not tolerate this sort of behavior have to stick around on the show. I wonder if that’s part of why Nick is giving Corinne so much attention – maybe he’s just having fun early on? It would frustrate me though, if I were on the show, and I totally understand why it frustrated the other women. It felt a bit slut-shamey, but at the same time, they’re right to question if that’s what’s driving his decisions – especially after Corinne won both the photo shoot and the group date rose. I mean, when I’m swiping on guys on Tinder, if I see a dude who has a lot of pictures with hot blonde chicks, whether they’re his sisters or friends or what, I swipe left. If that’s how he wants to portray himself he’s probably not for me.

    That scene when Corinne passively-aggressively kept asking Taylor if she was ok felt like something out of the Real Housewives.

    One more thing – during the first night when one of the women tried to interrupt he said he gently refused, saying he needed to talk to everybody. That is something he could have done with Corinne. There’s a really amazing group of women here – I love that they skew older and way more ethnically diverse than the average season. I really hope Nick gets it together.


    • About Nick allowing Corinne to interrupt: He appears genuinely bored by nearly all of this cast. I think because he knows they weren’t cast for him in the first place. But his body language in his conversations just makes me cringe for him (and them).

      Which is why I think he genuinely likes having Corinne around — not necessarily because he’s interested in her, but because she provides great comic relief (and she’s obviously not taking the “process” too seriously).


  7. Last nights episode seemed so producer driven. Danielle Ms date didnt get nearly enough airtime. Corrine will stick around because she is the villain. Raven and Taylor made a little impression. Your (my original picks) Danielle L. Vanessa and Rachel didn’t get any love last night but hopefully they will b back…


  8. Yes, I agree Corinne’s playing an archetype, but the fact that she’s playing it this hard this fast makes me wonder if her storyline will become more than this over the course of the season. Perhaps she’ll — gasp! — evolve?

    As someone else pointed out, Nick seems attracted to bold, assertive and unabashed women (let’s not forget Kaitlyn took her top off too!), so I can see why he finds Corinne fun. She’s much too young for him, of course, but that’s a different issue — too many of this cast is too young.


  9. I can’t get myself to like Taylor as a person of potential. She is ONLY 23. That is way too young to know yourself, advanced education notwithstanding. I can’t help but feel that she represents a certain type of young woman – one who is educated and career-driven – who may be a good match for Nick on account of her accomplishments. However, Nick is 36 – I just feel like he should be with someone more age appropriate (and that includes Corinne).


  10. Is Corinne confident? Because she seemed very threatened by the girl dressed in the Eve costume. To me that screams INSECURE. Anyway, I do too watch this show in hopes of a real connection. So far, not so good. I hope Nick sees past the makeup, boobs and booze. What can I say, Im a hopeless romantic.


  11. Hi there, just a note that we will be keeping the comments a spoiler-free zone. Please refrain from posting spoilers; they will be deleted ASAP. And, thank you everyone for your awesome commentary on this season.


  12. I had the same thought during Corinne’s shenanigans – I was actually surprised none of the girls got up & left. And Nick going along w/ the whole display in the pool (grabbing her boobs, regardless of whether she initiated it – all the other girls were RIGHT THERE for crying out loud) just made him look like a huge cad. I think he’s genuinely interested in her, which if I were one of the other women (especially after he gave her the date rose) would have me wondering how in the hell we could ever have anything in common if that’s what he’s looking for. I am seriously surprised there wasn’t a mass exodus of women who had self respect.


  13. People take this seriously? I think we all know why people go on this show after so many seasons. That’s what make the whole charade so entertaining.


  14. I know this is a late comment but I have to say that I’m disappointed with so many of the contestants being so young (early 20’s). I really feel that isn’t fair to Nick. He’s 36 and I think the age range should have been mainly 28-38. I know there can be exceptions but I think the producers aren’t helping the success rate by having so many girls on the show that are at least 10 years younger than Nick. I see some other people have commented on this. I would be interested in reading what Sharleen has to say about the age issue.


  15. Hi Sharleen, I really appreciate your commentary about the Bachelor universe. I know you don’t follow the spoilers, but when this season is over, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Reality Steve’s insinuations that Nick can’t be genuine because he gave Rachel the first impression rose. He has mentioned it in his blog a few times and had a podcast recently, where he and the caller talked about Rachel as though she didn’t deserve to be there, or that she couldn’t possibly be a legitimate love interest to Nick. A couple of people have asked Steve about it but I don’t think he addressed it, and I was wondering if you think we’re reading too much into it, or if you think people delegitimize her because of their own racial prejudice (and thus, assume Nick couldn’t possibly be genuine about her)?


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