Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Breakup: Fail or Not?

The super-cool couple just called it quits after a decade together but should we be mourning their separation or celebrating their duration?

Paramours no more Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger (Photo: Splash News)

Paramours no more Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger (Photo: Splash News)

Many key taps have been wasted on the proclaimed failure of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson as a couple no more. But as someone who is about to celebrate her 10-year wedding anniversary next year, I can tell you: a decade with only one other person is a long, long, long time (no offence to my husband!) It’s also something to celebrate, even if the two people decide it’s time to move on (not me, honey!) So congratulations to you, Joshua, on climbing several rungs on the style ladder thanks to your former fashion plate. And clink of the glass to you, Diane, for remaining forever young with partial credit owing to someone who even with facial hair still looks like he just walked off the Dawson set. We’re sure their love went much, much deeper than that, and for everything in between, three flaming fires up.


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