Paulina Gretzky Sets The Record Straight

The Canadian darling on her new album, the Twitter controversy and addressing the rumours that bother her most. Once and for all.

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21 comments on “Paulina Gretzky Sets The Record Straight

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  3. I’m confused. How she is “the Canadian darling” or why she is even on the cover? I really want to support Flare, but I find you cover choices so disappointing some months. Are you really trying to make this woman famous? Who other than Paulina Gretzky is checking for Paulina Gretzky?


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  9. Shame on you Flare!! Given the number of non-surgically altered models and legitimately talented singers, actresses & dancers in Canada, why would you elect to give Paulina Gretsky a cover? Not sure how she’s setting the record straight with spread eagle Vegas party pics in her ‘portfolio’, but there’s no denying they are an em-bare-ass-ment to her father’s legacy. Here’s a woman with all the opportunities that inherited wealth offers whose “staying power” would be non-existent without posting semi-naked pictures of herself on Twitter. All that’s missing is the leaked sex tape or reality show and let’s not rule those out since her 15 minutes are almost up. The editors of Flare are as deluded as Paulina is in thinking she’s relevant or has a a ‘career’ based on any discernible talent – it’s not like there’s a shortage of stylish women making a genuine contribution to the cultural and social landscape in Canada!


  10. Yes because we love reading about the non-talented, spoiled offspring of the super rich…said no one ever!!!!


  11. I’m sorry, did you run out of talented Canadian women for your cover? A Canadian actress with only a 5 second walk-on role in a Canadian TV series has contributed more to entertainment than Paulina Gretsky. What a shame that all she has to offer is a famous last name. Caitlin Cronenberg would have been a better cover subject if you wanted to go that route. What a waste of a cover, Flare.


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  13. Paulina Gretzky is NOT a Canadian darling. Does she even know what city is the capital of Canada or the name of our Prime Minister??!!
    Her father did not even retire from hockey playing on a Canadian team, He left Canada many years ago and all of his children were born in the United States.
    Paulina’s pictures on Twitter (recently Halloween pictures) are distasteful. She disgraced the Gretzky name. It is my understanding that she droped out of school and did not complete her education. She is NO role model!
    Her father has been a part of numerous charities. Has Paulina ever done any charity work? If so, for what organizations? I am very disappointed that Flare has chosen to put Paulina Gretzky on their February cover. There are many strong, talented, indepentent Canadian women who are much more deserving of this title.


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  18. 1


  19. I am at a loss to understand why we continue to glorify bimbos like Paulina Gretzky. The only talents that she has ever displayed are her ability to wear very few clothes well, and her obsession with posting ridiculous and embarrasing photos of herself doing so. I have never read one account of her exhibiting any socially conscious behaviour. To my knowledge she is not philanthropic. She does not volunteer. She does not consider further into the future further than putting on her next designer bathing suit and drinking her next umbrella drink in the sun. The fact that she is Wayne Gretzky’s daughter is her only claim to fame. If not for that, she would be completely disregarded. She has no social relevance on her own. Put her in a dingy with Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and all of the other rich, spoiled brats and let them pour lattes over each other for fun as you sail them out to sea. For pity sake, have some mercy. Why don’t you profile women who are beautiful on the inside as well as the out? Young women who have a social conscience, a developed sense of literacy, who can think beyond designer clothing and the next mai tai. I have had more than enough of poor little rich girl stories – “I’ve never done anything I’m embarrassed about – well, except for that time in Las Vegas. Those people aren’t my friends anymore.” – PULEEZE – ENOUGH!


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