No Filter Needed: 10 Celebs Who Smoke Weed on Instagram

These celebs love the green and don’t care who knows it


Sure, some celebs flat-out don’t smoke weed—including former stoner Woody Harrelson. But it’s no secret that there’s also a lot (like A LOT) who do. There are those “I smoked a few times in college” celebs who accidentally admit to it while telling a funny story on late-night television (like the time Cameron Diaz said she probs bought weed off Snoop Dogg once or twice in high school), there are the celebs that are outed in the tabloids… more than once (we’re looking at yo,  J-Biebs), then there are those select few who just love the green and don’t care who knows it. In celebration of 4/20, we’re celebrating the latter category. Here, for your viewing pleasure, 10 celebs who smoke weed all over Instagram.

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