Think you can’t wear black on your wedding day? Think again. You’ve got other faux pas to consider!

Think you can’t wear black on your wedding day? Think again. You’ve got other faux pas to consider!

Photography by Anthea Simms
Photography by Anthea Simms

1. When choosing a gown for your bridesmaids, ensure you consult with them first. While you have carte blanche to dictate most details of your day, asking for a price range that your bridesmaids are comfortable paying is appreciated. Not all bridesmaids can afford a $700 bridesmaid dress that will only be worn once!

2. Inviting guests to pre-wedding events where a gift is required (i.e. bridal shower) and then not inviting them to the actual wedding.

3. Not sending thank you notes to your guests.

4. Drinking alcohol on your wedding day before you get married. This is a big faux pas—not only can it make you tipsy, in some provinces it can actually make your wedding non-binding if it was proven you were intoxicated before saying your “I Do’s”.

5. For traditionalists, using address labels on the invitation envelope can be viewed as bad form, but this is slowly changing. For very formal weddings, a calligrapher or handwritten address is viewed as much more acceptable.

6. Cancelling your wedding, and not returning the gifts you have received is also not acceptable. Be sure to promptly return the gift with a short note thanking them for the gesture. No further comment about what happened between you and your former fiancé is necessary.

7. Stating that all you want is money, not gifts, on your invitation. You should never ask for money directly. Leave it up to friends and family to spread the word that you are saving for a new house, trip around the world, etc., and that cash is preferred.

8. Not thanking your family and guests at your wedding reception. No matter how shy or nervous about public speaking you are, take two minutes to thank those attending, and say a special thank you to out of town guests for making the long journey.

9. When selecting items for your gift registry, ensure you select items in all price ranges. While Aunt Sally may be thrilled to buy you the $1000 vacuum, your cousin Bill may only be able to afford a set of towels, so don’t just select pricey items at your local department or specialty store registry.

10. Don’t be overzealous during your first kiss! Seal the deal, but do so respectfully—especially if the ceremony is in a church. This is not the time or place to show off your French-kissing skills.

Tips provided by Event Planner Cynthia Martyn

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