Selena Gomez Tweets Her Colourful New Hairstyle

The actress gets a (temporary) new look with blue and purple extensions

Selena Gomez Purple Hair

Selena Gomez/Twitter

Selena Gomez Purple Hair

Selena Gomez/Twitter

Selena Gomez was showing off a new hair look on Twitter yesterday. The actress/singer/Bieber GF snapped pics of her purple and blue highlights, tweeting “Change is good… My girls @ninezeroone take care of me always :) LOVE.” The 19-year-old added the extensions in anticipation of an upcoming tour of South America.

In the grand tradition of Disney stars, Gomez has been trying to shed her child star image for a more mature look, which she’s been pulling off swimmingly at events like the American Music Awards, where she when for full-on Old Hollywood in a liquid satin gown. Extensions are a smart move for this emerging red carpet star, who may not want the bright streaks when she make formal appearances. (Though we think hits of colour are a fun update to classically glamourous hairstyle.)

With her new look, Gomez joins a bandwagon of stars who have been going for bright colours in their hair. Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Dianna Agron have all experimented with varying degrees of peacock plumage.

What do you think? Do you like Selena’s hit of colour? Are you over all the bright shades?

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