Sophie Turner’s New Tattoo Could Reveal the Fate of the Stark Family

From intense head tattoos to dainty line drawings to classic tributes to the ‘rents, here’s all the newest celeb ink. Be warned: potential Game of Thrones spoiler ahead


While celeb body art choices are often questionable (Angelina’s Billy Bob tat, for instance), they’re definitely always interesting. And the A list certainly knows where to go for the best work: their in-demand tattoo artists, like Toronto’s Curt Montgomery and LA-fave Doctor Woo, can have wait lists as long as two years.

So when they make their big reveal, we’re always ready to see what new ink they’ve committed to. This year, we’re tracking all the new celebrity tattoos—from Sophie Turner’s new tat (which is potentially a Game of Thrones spoiler?!) to Brooklyn Beckham’s growing collection, and more. Whether you need a little tattoo inspo for your own art, or you just want to gawk at those what-were-they-thinking pics, we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest for your perusal.

Check out the rest of the gallery


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