10 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions (Plus A Few Cheats!)

18 beauty picks that will make 2013 the year of good habits


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One comment on “10 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions (Plus A Few Cheats!)

  1. I am getting tired of magazines giving bad advice about beauty to women. Advice that was made up only to get women to consume more. I agree that a good cut and colour will make you look nice, but that there is a need to trim your ends every six to eight weeks is a total lie. The only one that profits from this is the hairdresser who has no problem getting clients this way. I have always cut my hair only twice a year. I have gotten tons of compliments for my hair all my life. It is not trimming the ends every 8 weeks that will make your hair look great, it is all about taking care of the hair. Do not blow-dry the hair more than needed and use a good conditioner. Find me at: thefuturistas.blogspot.ca


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