Beauty How-To: DIY Hand Art

In this month’s Beauty Decoder, Hannah Johnson tries her hand at DIY finger art


Video by Laura Lanktree

Beauty Decoder 3

Step 1: At a fabric supply store, choose an intricate yet sturdy cotton lace trim—you’ll need about10 inches. Cut into approximately one-inch strips (each should wrap comfortably around your finger).

Beauty Decoder 4

Step 2: Apply black waterproof liquid liner onto the lace until it’s soaked. Then, covering one hand in tissue to avoid staining, wrap the lace around a finger on your other hand; hold for a few seconds. Remove and let dry before continuing.

Beauty Decoder 5

Step 3: When you’ve finished imprinting (try all 10 fingers like me, or as an accent on just a couple), paint nails with bold polish. I love oxblood, but any deep shade will work. For extra toughness, add a grainy-leather-effect topcoat.

Givenchy Paris Eyeliner

Givenchy Liner Couture Precision Felt-Tip Eyeliner, $34

Nail Art Lace

Lace from Mokuba in Toronto


Nail Polish

Joe Fresh Nail Polish in Black Cherry

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer

M.A.C Nail Transformations Studio Nail Lacquer in Texturize, $14

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